Liber Tertius
De interna consolatine.

Chapter 37

THE VOICE OF CHRIST - MY CHILD, renounce self and you shall find Me. Give up your own self-will, your possessions, and you shall always gain. For once you resign yourself irrevocably, greater grace will be given you.

Cap. 37.
De pura et integra resignatione cordis
ad obtinendam sui libertatem.

1. File, relinque te, et invenies me; sta sine electione, et omni proprietate et semper lucraberis. Nam et adjicietur tibi amplior gratia statim, ut te resignaveris nec resumpseris.

THE DISCIPLE - How often, Lord, shall I resign myself? And in what shall I forsake myself?   2. Domine, quoties me resignabo? et in quibus me relinquam?  
THE VOICE OF CHRIST - Always, at every hour, in small matters as well as great -- I except nothing. In all things I wish you to be stripped of self. How otherwise can you be mine or I yours unless you be despoiled of your own will both inwardly and outwardly? The sooner you do this the better it will be for you, and the more fully and sincerely you do it the more you will please Me and the greater gain you will merit.   3. Semper et in omni hora: sicut in parvo, sic et in magno. Nihil excipio, sed in omnibus te nudatum inveniri volo. Alioquin quomodo poteris esse meus et ego tuus, nisi fueris ab omni propria voluntate intus et foris spoliatus? Quanto celerius hoc agi, tanto melius habebis; et quanto plenius et sincerius, tanto mihi plus placebis, et amplius lucraberis.  
Some there are who resign themselves, but with certain reservation; they do not trust fully in God and therefore they try to provide for themselves. Others, again, at first offer all, but afterward are assailed by temptation and return to what they have renounced, thereby making no progress in virtue. These will not reach the true liberty of a pure heart nor the grace of happy friendship with Me unless they first make a full resignation and a daily sacrifice of themselves. Without this no fruitful union lasts nor will last.   4. Quidam se resignant, sed cum aliqua exceptione: non enim plene in Deo confidunt; ideo providere sibi satagunt. Quidam etiam primo offerunt totum, sed postea tentatione pulsante ad propria redeunt; ideo minime in virtute proficiunt. Hi ad veram puri cordis libertatem, et jucundæ familiaritatis meæ gratiam non pertingent, nisi integra resignatione, et quotidiana sui immolatione prius facta, sine qua non stabit, nec stat unio fruitiva.  
I have said to you very often, and now I say again: forsake yourself, renounce yourself and you shall enjoy great inward peace. Give all for all. Ask nothing, demand nothing in return. Trust purely and without hesitation in Me, and you shall possess Me. You will be free of heart and darkness will not overwhelm you. Strive for this, pray for this, desire this -- to be stripped of all selfishness and naked to follow the naked Jesus, to die to self and live forever for Me. Then all vain imaginations, all wicked disturbances and superfluous cares will vanish. Then also immoderate fear will leave you and inordinate love will die. 5. Dixi tibi sæpissime et iterum nunc dico: Relinque te, resigna te, et frueris magna interna pace. Da totum pro toto, niihil exquire, nil repete, sta pure et inhæsitanter in me, et habebis me. Eris liber in corde, et tenebræ non conculcabunt te. Ad hoc conare, hoc ora, hoc stude desiderare, ut ab omni proprietate possis exspoliari et nudus nudum Jesum sequi, tibi mori, et mihi æternaliter vivere. Tunc deficient omnes vanæ phantasiæ, conturbationes iniquæ, et curæ superfluæ. Tunc etiam recedet immoderatus timor, et inordinatus amor morietur.