Liber Tertius
De interna consolatine.

Chapter 18

THE VOICE OF CHRIST - MY CHILD, I came down from heaven for your salvation and took upon Myself your miseries, not out of necessity but out of love, that you might learn to be patient and bear the sufferings of this life without repining. From the moment of My birth to My death on the cross, suffering did not leave Me. I suffered great want of temporal goods. Often I heard many complaints against Me. Disgrace and reviling I bore with patience. For My blessings I received ingratitude, for My miracles blasphemies, and for My teaching scorn.

Cap. 18.
Quod temporales miseriæ Christi exemplo æquanimiter sunt ferendæ.

1. Fili, ego descendi de cælo pro tua salute; suscepi tuas miserias, non necessitate, sed charitate trahente ut patientiam disceres et temporales miserias non indignanter ferres. Nam ab hora ortus mei usque ad exitum in cruce non defuit mihi tolerantia doloris, at defectum rerum temporalium magnum habui. Multas querimonias de me frequenter audivi, confusiones et opprobria benigne sustinui, pro miraculis blasphemias, pro doctrina reprehensiones.

THE DISCIPLE - O Lord, because You were patient in life, especially in fulfilling the design of the Father, it is fitting that I, a most miserable sinner, should live patiently according to Your will, and, as long as You shall wish, bear the burden of this corruptible body for the welfare of my soul. For though this present life seems burdensome, yet by Your grace it becomes meritorious, and it is made brighter and more endurable for the weak by Your example and the pathways of the saints. But it has also more consolation than formerly under the old law when the gates of heaven were closed, when the way thereto seemed darker than now, and when so few cared to seek the eternal kingdom. The just, the elect, could not enter heaven before Your sufferings and sacred death had paid the debt. 2. Domine, quia fuisti patiens in vita tua, in hoc maxime implendo præceptum Patris tui, dignum est ut ego misellus peccator secundum voluntatem tuam patienter me sustineam, et donec ipse volueris, onus corruptibilis vitæ pro salute mea portem. Nam etsi sentitur onerosa præsens vita, facta est tamen jam per gratiam tuam valde meritoria, atque exemplo tuo atque Sanctorum tuorum vestigiis infirmis tolerabilior, et clarior. Sed et multo magis consolatioria, quam olim in veteri Testamento fuerat, cum porta cæli clausa persisteret, et obscurior etiam via videbatur, quando tam pauci regnum cælorum quærere curabant. Sed neque qui tunc justi erant et salvandi ante passionem tuam et sacræ mortis obitum, cæleste regnum poterant introire.  
Oh, what great thanks I owe You, Who have shown me and all the faithful the good and right way to Your everlasting kingdom! Your life is our way and in Your holy patience we come nearer to You Who are our crown. Had You not gone before and taught us, who would have cared to follow? Alas, how many would have remained far behind, had they not before their eyes Your holy example! Behold, even we who have heard of Your many miracles and teachings are still lukewarm; what would happen if we did not have such light by which to follow You? 3. O, quantas tibi gratias teneor referre, quia rectam et bonam viam dignatus es mihi et cinctis fidelibus ad æternum regnum ostendere tuum. Nam vita tua via nostra, et per sanctam patietiam ambulamus ad te, qui es corona nostra. Nisi tu nos præcessisses et docuisses, quis sequi curaret? Heu quanti longe retrocenderent, nisi tua præclara exempla inspicerent. Ecce adhuc tepescimus auditis tot signis tuis et doctrinis. Quid fieret si tantum lumen ad sequendum te non haberemus?