De devota exhortatione ad sacram Corporis Christi communionem.

Chapter 4

Cap. 4.
Quod multa bona prŠstantur
devote communicantibus.

THE DISCIPLE - O LORD my God, favor Your servant with the blessings of Your sweetness that I may merit to approach Your magnificent Sacrament worthily and devoutly. Lift up my heart to You and take away from me this heavy indolence. Visit me with Your saving grace that I may in spirit taste Your sweetness which lies hidden in this Sacrament like water in the depths of a spring. Enlighten my eyes to behold this great Mystery, and give me strength to believe in it with firm faith. For it is Your work, not the power of man, Your sacred institution, not his invention. No man is able of himself to comprehend and understand these things which surpass even the keen vision of angels. How, then, shall I, an unworthy sinner who am but dust and ashes, be able to fathom and understand so great a mystery? 1. Domine Deus meus, prŠveni servum tuum in benedictione dulcedinis tuŠ, ut ad tuum magnificum Sacramentum digne ac devote merear accedere. Excita cor meum in te, et a gravi torpore exue me. Visita me in salutari tuo ad gustandum in spiritu tuam sauvitatem, quŠ in hoc Sacramento tanquam in fonte plenaire latet. Illumina quoque oculos meos ad intuendum tantum mysterium, et ad credendum illud indubitata fide me robora. Est enim operatio tua, non humana potentia: tua sacra institutio, non hominis adinventio. Non enim ad hŠc capienda et intelligenda aliquis idoneus per se reperitur, quŠ Angelicam etiam subtilitatem transcendunt. Quid ergo ego peccator indignus, terra et cinis, de tam alto secreto Sacramento potero investigare et capere?
O Lord, I come to You at Your command in simplicity of heart, in good, firm faith, with hope and reverence, and I truly believe that You are present here in this Sacrament, God and man. It is Your will that I receive You and unite myself to You in love. Wherefore, I beg Your mercy and ask that special grace be given me, that I may be wholly dissolved in You and filled with Your love, no longer to concern myself with exterior consolations. For this, the highest and most worthy Sacrament, is the health of soul and body, the cure of every spiritual weakness. In it my defects are remedied, my passions restrained, and temptations overcome or allayed. In it greater grace is infused, growing virtue is nourished, faith confirmed, hope strengthened, and charity fanned into flame. 2. Domine, in simplicitate cordis, in bona et firma fide et in tua visione ad te cum firm spe et reverentia accedo, et vere credo, quia tu prŠsens es hic in Sacramento Deus et homo. Vis ergo ut te suscipiam et me ipsum tibi in charitate uniam. Unde tuam precor clementiam, et specialem ad hoc imploro mihi donare gratiam, ut totus in te liquefiam, et amore pereffluam, atque de nulla alia consolatione amplius me intromittam. Est enim hoc altissimum et dignissimum Sacramentum, salus animŠ et corporis, medicina omnis spiritualis languoris, in quo vitia mea curantur, passiones frŠnantur, tentationes vincuntur ac minuuntur, gratia major infunditur, virtus accepta augetur, firmatur fides, spes roboratur, et charitas ignescit ac dilatatur.
You, my God, the protector of my soul, the strength of human weakness, and the giver of every interior consolation, have given and still do often give in this Sacrament great gifts to Your loved ones who communicate devoutly. Moreover, You give them many consolations amid their numerous troubles and lift them from the depths of dejection to the hope of Your protection. With new graces You cheer and lighten them within, so that they who are full of anxiety and without affection before Communion may find themselves changed for the better after partaking of this heavenly food and drink. Likewise, You so deal with Your elect that they may truly acknowledge and plainly experience how weak they are in themselves and what goodness and grace they obtain from You. For though in themselves they are cold, obdurate, and wanting in devotion, through You they become fervent, cheerful, and devout. Who, indeed, can humbly approach the fountain of sweetness and not carry away a little of it? Or who, standing before a blazing fire does not feel some of its heat? You are a fountain always filled with superabundance! You are a fire, ever burning, that never fails! 3. Multa namque bona largitus es, et adhuc sŠpius largiris in Sacramento dilectis tuis devote communicantibus, Deus meus susceptor animŠ meŠ, reparator infirmitatis meŠ, et totius dator consolationis internŠ. Nam multam ipsis consolationem adversus varias tribulatones infundis, et de imo dejectionis propriŠ ad spem tuŠ protectionis erigis atque nova quadam gratia eos intus recreas et illustra, ut qui anxii primo, et sine affectione se ante Communionem senserant, postea refecti cibo potuque cŠlesti, in melius se mutatos inveniant. Quod idcirco cum electis tuis ita dispensanter agis, ut veraciter agnoscant, et patenter experiantur, quam nihil ex semetipsis habeant, et quid bonitatis ac gratiŠ ex te consequantur. Quia ex semetipsis frigidi duri ac indevoti, ex te autem serventes ac devoti et alacres esse merentur. Quis enim ad fontem suavitatis humiliter accedens, non modicum suavitatis inde reportat? Aut quis juxta ignem copiosum stans, non parum caloris inde percipit? Et tu fons es semper plenus et super abundans, ignis semper ardens et nunquam deficiens.
Therefore, while I may not exhaust the fullness of the fountain or drink to satiety, yet will I put my lips to the mouth of this heavenly stream that from it I may receive at least some small drop to refresh my thirst and not wither away. And if I cannot as yet be all heavenly or as full of fire as the cherubim and seraphim, yet I will try to become more devout and prepare my heart so that I may gather some small spark of divine fire from the humble reception of this life-giving Sacrament. Whatever is wanting in me, good Jesus, Savior most holy, do You in Your kindness and grace supply for me, You Who have been pleased to call all unto You, saying: "Come to Me all you that labor and are burdened and I will refresh you." 4. Unde si mihi non licet haurire de plenitudine fontis, nec usque ad satietatem potare, apponam tamen os meum ad foramen cŠlestis fistulŠ, ut saltem inde guttulam modicam capiam, ad refocillandam sitim meam, ut non penitus exarescam. Et si necdum totus cŠlesti, et tam ignitus, ut Seraphim et Cherubim esse possum, conabor tamen devotioni insistere et cor meum prŠparae, ut vel modicam divini incendii flammam ex humili sumtione vivifici Sacramenti conquiram. Quidquid autem mihi deest, bone Jesu, Salvator sanctissime, tu pro me supple benigne ac gratiose, qui omnes ad te gratiose vocare dignatus es, dicens: Venite ad me omnes qui laboratis et onerati esti, et ego reficiam vos.
I, indeed, labor in the sweat of my brow. I am torn with sorrow of heart. I am laden with sin, troubled with temptations, enmeshed and oppressed by many evil passions, and there is none to help me, none to deliver and save me but You, my Lord God and Savior, to Whom I entrust myself and all I have, that You may protect me and lead me to eternal life. For the honor and glory of Your name receive me, You Who have prepared Your Body and Blood as food and drink for me. Grant, O Lord, my God and Savior, that by approaching Your Mysteries frequently, the zeal of my devotion may increase. 5. Ego quidem laboro in sudore vultus, mei, dolore cordis torqueor, peccatis oneror, tentationibus inquietor, multis malis passionibus implicor et premor, et non est qui adjuvet, non est qui liberet et salvum faciat, nisi tu, Domine Deus, Salvator meus, cui committo me et omnia mea, ut me custodias et perducas in vitam Šternam. Suscipe me in laudem et gloriam nominis tui, qui Corpus tuum et Sanguinem in cibum et potum mihi parasti; prŠsta, Domine Deus Salutaris meus, ut cum frequentatione mysterii tui crescat meŠ devotinis affectus.