Gitanjali 4

That You protect me in danger
this is not my prayer:
Let me not know fear
when in danger.
I do not ask You to comfort me
in the heat of sadness.
in an aching state of mind.
Make me victorious
over sadness.

Let not my strength break down
when I find myself without a refuge.
If I suffer any worldly loss.
if I'm repeatedly frustrated.
let me not consider this harm irreparable

That You come to save me
this is not my prayer;
I ask for
strength to overcome.
You need not comfort me
by lightening my load;
I ask for strength
to carry my burden.

On days of joy
with humble head
I will remember You.
I will recognize You.
On a dark. sad night.
full of frustrations.
O then may I not doubt You!